PaperWork App (Mass. Edition)

PaperWork for iOS is the ultimate Massachusetts Family and Probate Court application. It has been designed and developed specifically for Family Law Attorney's in the Commonwealth.

PaperWork for iOS allows you to fill in, edit, and save every document in Family Court. In addition, we have built in the ability to sign all of these documents and collaborate with colleagues. You can transfer a unfinished form to anyone with PaperWork for iOS.

Every document is saved and stored and available at your fingertips to edit or change at a later date.

PaperWork for iOS also syncs in background between all of your iOS devices for free. Fill out a form on your iPad and have access to it on your iPhone on the T.

PaperWork also has a built in Reminders app with local notifications, a Massachusetts Child Support Calculator and Alimony Calculator using the most up-to-date formulas.